We specialize in online lessons, where you can learn anywhere at anytime as long as you have an on-line connection and a camera, whether it be a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a PC.

Online lessons are as effective as face-to-face lessons. 

You can enjoy lessons that will fit into your daily life, at a time of your choosing.

You can learn while you're at home, or when you're travelling abroad, or on a train or a tube, or even if you're at an airport waiting for your plane to leave!

We can use Skype, Google or your preferred video conferencing tool.

Study material will be discussed with you in your first lesson. You can study with either a book or with handouts sent to you via e-mail.

During your lesson, the chat screen is the whiteboard and all notes can be saved for your future studies.

Online Lessons

Personalized one-to-one Lessons

Your program is tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate student or an advanced student we will focus on your own personal requirements.


Learn what you need and want...


Whether you plan to go on a vacation, or need to learn Portuguese for business or for pleasure, your teacher will design for you the lessons which will best help you achieve your goals. your own pace...


Individual lessons are easy to follow because they are tailored to you and your needs. Your pace, your time, your ability. It is all about you and what you want.

...with more time to practice

In a one-to-one online lesson your teacher will be totally focused on your needs.

Working from Home



This is a program for upper intermediate and advanced speakers only.


The program of this course will be determined by the specification and the needs of the company.



We create original class material with text, audio, and video from the media.


We also create specific material for specific needs. Just ask us!

We can offer English to Portuguese/Portuguese to English translation and interpretation by a qualified DPSI registered interpreter, in the following areas: Law, Medical (general), Business, Marketing, Websites, Art, Movies, Travel, Literature,  Children’s stories and many more topics.

Please send us a message to request a quote for any of the services listed above.